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Customizing Your New Home

The most exciting part of the home building process is designing your new home to fit the needs of your family and reflect your unique style.  What makes New Tradition Homes unique is that we truly allow you to personalize your floor plan and selections, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. With over 25 New Generation plans to choose from, and thousands of options to personalize your new custom home, you will be able to move into a space you love that is exactly how YOU want it!  

Choose your path:

New Tradition Homes has an in-house Design Team working hard to offer our customers the latest in innovative home plans. Within each plan, there are different exterior elevation styles, structural options and countless design selections to customize your brand new house. Our team will assist you in choosing the building path that works best for your needs. 

FAST TRACK: New Tradition Homes has hundreds of Included Features and hundreds of additional Standard Options. When the home is personalized using the NTH Standard Options, it will be on the FAST TRACK for completion (due to maximum efficiency and no added time for design, research, estimating, engineering, permits, and construction.) Ask a Sales Representative to walk you through the easy process of building a home on the Fast Track.

CUSTOM TRACK: Not finding exactly what you are looking for? We also offers the customization of home design wa, structural items, design center selections and patios and landscaping. When your home is personalized using any Custom Options*, the process usually takes longer (due to added time for design, research, estimating, engineering, permits and construction) and extra fees apply.  See Sales Representative for typical process delay and fee by category below or click here to contact us today.

*Customization Fees vary by option category and all customization is subject to builder approval. Prior to Structural Custom Options Request, an additional consultation with the Design and/or Construction department is required. Structural Custom Options involve design changes and plan re-engineering that will add a few extra weeks prior to permit application.