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Historically Low Mortgage Interest Rates: Now’s Your Time to Buy a Home!

September 12, 2019

    You know how the song goes: “I’ve got the power…” Now that mortgage rates are historically low, you have all the buying power — which means that not only can you enjoy lower monthly payments, you can even afford a home you may not have been able to before. Talk about being in the right place at the right time.   Today’s Home Mortgage Interest Rates   Of course, the decision to buy a new home (no matter if it’s your first or your third) requires a lot of thinking and financial planning. But it’s empowering to know that at this exact moment, you’re at an advantage in terms of what you can afford. Say current interest rates are 2% lower than they typically are — right now, you’d be able to purchase a higher-priced home, or in other words, the home that you really want.   As part of your monthly home payment, the interest rate on your mortgage plays a role in your experience as a homeowner. A lower interest rate offers greater “financial confidence,” which is essentially another way of saying peace of mind. After all, who doesn’t want to pay off their mortgage without any of the added stress?   Around 60 days prior to closing a home loan, you can lock in an interest rate — and as of today, that rate will be the lowest that banks have offered in years. This summer, we’re feeling the love at New Tradition Homes, and we can’t wait for you to experience the joy of homeownership with as little stress as possible.   If you’re ready to make your most exciting and rewarding move yet, our whole team is right behind you. We look forward to helping you settle into one of our contemporary and comfortable homes throughout Washington — and now that interest rates are historically low, you have the buying power! 

This was our first time building a home. Our experience couldn’t have gone any smoother. New Traditions has made the process so easy and stress free. The customer service we received during building, closing, and then recently at our two year check in was excellent. I can’t recommend enough.

Michelle Nelson | Google Review