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Introducing: The Simply Smarter Home

March 31, 2020

You’re getting ready for your big dinner party. Imagine the fun and ease of dimming your lights, controlling the temperature, and playing your favorite music with just your voice while you prep the hors d'oeuvres. It’s the morning of your family’s big vacation. Imagine getting the kids ready and packing the car knowing that your home is completely safe and secure, and you can keep eyes on it while you’re away.

Now stop imagining. At New Tradition Homes, we believe a smart home is a wise choice… which is why we’re excited to introduce our newest innovation in high-end home design. Say hello to the Simply Smarter Home, a type of living space that’s designed to the standards of today, and the innovations of tomorrow — so you can live your smartest life right now.

Our job is to take the “complicated” out of life, so you can enjoy all of your moments to the fullest. In every one of our Simply Smarter Homes, you’ll find stunning features.

What Makes a Smart Home?

Brilliant LightingControl and dim the smart lights in your home with a simple touch, your voice, by motion, or through an app — whichever one you prefer in the moment. Set the aesthetic for the best moments of your life.

Brilliant Home Control: When it comes to smart home devices, we say “the more the merrier.” Control everything from one intuitive control panel or one app on your phone. One is the easiest number. 

Ring Doorbell: Whether you’re on your way home or on your way to vacation, you’ll be notified when someone’s at your door. Best of all? You can see and speak to them from anywhere in the world.

August Smart LockKeys are so last year. And so is worrying about whether you locked your door or not. Control your home’s lock with the convenience of an app — you’ll never run home to check again.

Mesh Wi-Fi System: How does faster, more reliable Wi-Fi throughout your entire home sound? This innovative system promises Wi-Fi that keeps up with the pace of your active lifestyle. 

ecobee SmartThermostat: This is the revolution of comfort… and it all starts with your voice. The SmartThermostat adapts to your personal habits, saves you money, and can be controlled with just your voice. 

Enjoy efficiency and peace of mind as you keep tabs on what’s going on outside your home, while keeping your loved ones happy and safe inside. In one of our Simply Smarter Homes, your world is front and center — and you get to control every part of it. For more information about our Simply Smarter Homes, visit our website.

NTH is very organized and delivers a top quality product which they stand behind. We were allowed to customize many features of our home to make it function the way we wanted it to. The flexibility allowed was great. It took a little longer than some other builders, but the end result was worth the wait.

Marc Maher | Facebook

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