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Reimagine the Workplace in Your Multigenerational Suite

October 16, 2020

We know that your personal needs can change quickly, which is why our brand new homes are always ready to adapt. No matter what’s going on in the world, you can be sure that one of our living spaces will embrace your routine, so you can go about your day without having to worry about making any changes or additions yourself. 

One of the best features of our homes are our spacious multigenerational suites, which provide enough room for an aging parent, a child who has moved out and returned, or a caregiver to live comfortably. But with all of the changes of the past year, you might be in need of an open, private space to work from home or for your kids to learn virtually. One of our multigenerational suites works perfectly for these needs as well!

Your Spacious Home Office

Why settle for a home office… when you can have the whole office floor? One of our spacious multigenerational suites, complete with a bedroom, a flex room, a full bathroom, and a kitchenette with cabinets, a sink, and an optional refrigerator, doubles perfectly as office space for the whole team. And by that we mean your family, of course!

With beautiful, private offices surrounding a cozy cafe (where there are never any lines), you can meet for morning coffee before your first Zoom call, enjoy a delicious, homemade lunch in the afternoon, and make the (30-second) commute home with your favorite coworkers when the day’s done. At New Tradition Homes, your home office feels a bit more like a home office complex. Because you should have it all, right at home.

At-Home Classroom

School may look different for your kids this year, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t fall in love with virtual learning! With a private, open space for them to design their own classroom atmosphere without having to pack it up at the end of the day, “going to school” will be something they look forward to every morning.

Your multigenerational suite (or “mini school” if you like!) gives your kids somewhere specific to go, as opposed to simply staying where they are, which will feel just like the typical school day they’re used to. With a classroom, a spacious rec room for recess, and a private “cafeteria” (where homemade lunch is always waiting, of course), your kids will love school just as much as they used to.

Things may change, but you can always count on one of our brand new homes to meet your needs, no matter what life throws at you. With a flexible multigenerational suite, you can truly embrace and enjoy any routine without a worry! For more information about our new homes in Washington and suites, please contact us at 360-448-4710.

I don't remember the first time I saw a New Tradition home, but it was MANY years ago. During the internet evolution, I have watched New Tradition evolve into a great company. I don't know why, I guess it was my dream to own one I just didn't know it yet. Years later, my husband and I decided it was time to build. After looking at all the builders and communities we stopped into a New Tradition home and he fell in love! (I was already there). 4 months later the floor plan of our dreams came available and we were hooked. 1 year later, we are now in our New Tradition home and I couldn't be happier!

Jenica and Daniel Baxter

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