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5 Fun Summertime Activities for Kids at Home

June 18, 2021

Whether your kids are home for the summer or your grandkids are visiting for a few weeks, it's always a good idea to have a few fun, at-home, summertime activities up your sleeve. These will come in handy when it's not convenient to go to an event or venue, or when it's just too hot to venture out. Here are a few of our favorites for keeping kids entertained at home in a pinch:

1) Create an outdoor movie theatre

Your spacious backyard is the perfect place to gather for movie night! Invite your neighbors and your children’s friends and set up a screen and projector (or get creative with a white sheet), lay down a few comfy blankets and pillows, and of course, don't forget the fully-loaded snack and beverage bar. Everyone will love watching children’s favorite films under the stars.

2) Enjoy s'mores with an outdoor fireplace

A back patio is the perfect spot for an outdoor fire pit or fireplace. You can find them in an array of sizes and finishes to match your home’s style. The kids in your life will LOVE making s’mores, and you’ll love making sweet memories, around the fire in the comfort and safety of your own yard. What was once only an occasional camping experience can be an everyday treat at home.

3) Make your own ice cream

What good is that beautiful kitchen island if you can't gather everyone around it to make dessert? Making homemade ice cream in bags is easy and so much fun. All you need are a few ingredients that you may already have around the house. It also makes for an interesting science project - the kiddos will actually learn something while having a blast. Here's a great recipe

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4) Create a playroom wonderland

If your home has a bonus room or flex space, give it a redo this summer and have the kids help you create a fantastical playroom! Gather their favorite colors and themes and get creative with paint, strategically-placed decals, chalkboard walls, fun bookshelves, kid-sized furniture, and of course, toys! For extra fun, buy or build a play set — like an elevated stage for performing, or a castle for ultimate make-believe. Be prepared to roll out a couple of sleeping bags because they may never want to leave!

5) Plant a garden

Kids love digging in the dirt, so why not make it productive? You can use a small plot of your existing landscaping, assemble a raised garden bed, or even upcycle an old sand box. They'll love planting baby fruits, vegetables, and herbs and watching how they grow with sun, water, and TLC. (And maybe, just maybe, they’ll eat everything they grow in a salad.)

It’s always good to keep ideas handy for when being home just makes more sense. And if you live in a gorgeous New Tradition home with an open-concept layout, spacious yard, and state-of-the-art kitchen, there’s really no better place to be. For more information on our new homes in Vancouver, WA or the Tri-Cities, give us a call at 360-787-9352 or schedule an appointment today. We can’t wait for you — and your kids — to enjoy The Art of Better Living.

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